Black Book Teas – Cairns

All teas freshly blended by hand in small batches in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland.

Black Book Teas is a teabag free zone – no micro plastics, bleached paper, string, staple, coloured cardboard tag, or other nasties sharing your cup – just high quality Real Loose Leaf Tea!

  • There are many stainless-steel infusers available to make a single cup quickly with no fuss or wastage … and sometimes it is a goodly thing to take an extra couple of minutes to make a pot, sit down and enjoy on your own or share with a friend.
  • No added sugars, emulsifiers, stabilisers, artificial flavours either, so you may have to gently shake your tea occasionally to distribute contents evenly. If you are a sweet tooth you can control your own touch of sugar.
  • All herbs have formal Australian Organic Certification or are wild-crafted without pesticides and herbicides.  Each healthy cup brims with all-natural flavour, aroma and antioxidants. Plus leaf tea just tastes better. Plain, fruity, floral, nutty or minty… there are so many different flavours to have fun with and explore to find which suit your taste buds. Black Book Teas believe there is at least one tea out there for everybody – and they can help you find yours!

Black Book Teas blending, packing & selling real leaf tea at markets in the Cairns region since 2009. The drinking of real leaf tea (not supermarket teabags!) is an age old tradition and Black Book Teas love the opportunity to help people discover or rediscover the satisfaction & joy of a good cuppa! Tea tastes great hot or cold and makes a healthy, low calorie alternative to soft drinks or juices.

The first Australian tea plantation was established up here in Tropical North Queensland in 1882.  The tradition continues today and Black Book Teas source black tea from nearby plantations in the Palmerston and Daintree. Find out more on the Black Book Teas website.

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