Buying direct from local growers means fresher, tastier and less-travelled produce. Local markets help grow community, sustain local economy, support farmers and enable conversation about how food is grown.

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Eva Valley Meats

Eva Valley Meats is located at the Old Cameron Downs farm in Eva Valley, 107km from Darwin City Centre near the town of Batchelor. The… more

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Notly Farms

Producer of heirloom vegetables, herbs and gourmet garnishes plus more at Berry Springs NT, all grown using biological/organic principles.

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Prayer Farm

The only producer of pastured eggs in the Northern Territory. These free-range eggs are available at Malak Marketplace and selected outlets throughout the Dry Season.

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Rum Jungle Organics

Rum Jungle Organics farms using the principles of agroecology as our guideline. We adhere strictly to National Organic Standards as we work towards a social,… more

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How to workout with watermelons!

Watermelons provide a quintessential tropical taste and experience. That feeling of sticky juice dripping down your chin, as you try in vain to catch it… more

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