Frond Rated


Businesses can claim a Frond Rating exclusively developed by Clean Living in the Tropics
to start conversation about approaches to clean living and sustainability.

Clean Living in the Tropics devised the Frond Rating to make clean living, sustainable, environmentally friendly and/or organic approaches taken by businesses apparent to consumers. Frond Ratings are displayed in our Clean Living in the Tropics Guide as a way of starting conversation about clean living.

What the Number of Fronds Mean

Rum Jungle Organics feature in our Clean Living in the Tropics Guide as a five frond rated business

No fronds may mean either that the business does not employ a clean living approach or has not claimed a frond rating.

We hope our Frond Rating is useful to you. However, we always encourage people to initiate conversation with businesses and find out the what, who, how and why.

Claim a Frond Rating

Businesses claiming a Frond Rating self-assess their clean living practices with the advice of Clean Living in the Tropics. Once a Frond Rating is claimed, it is up to the business owner to verify their assessment. Please contact us for more information on our Frond Rating and how to claim one for your business.