How eco-frondly are you?

How much have you thought about your carbon footprint and your environmentally-friendliness?

The “Eco-Frondly Rating” is unique to Love Living in the Tropics and is a way to encourage people to think about the impact that they make on the environment. In the context of this publishing project, the Frond Rating also encourages people to support – wherever they can – businesses that in some way operate in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

Every member of the community can take even a small step to ensure that our beautiful environment is protected for present and future generations. 

Frond or foe?

Check out what I call the frond rating below and see how you can describe yourself – a Fantastic Five-Fronded Eco-Friend or a Work in Progress?



What the fronds indicate

Frond ratings are “claimed” by a business or individual when they add their details to the Love Living in the Project website; or added by me following a conversation with the business owner. The frond rating does not indicate an in-depth audit, just an indication about what people are doing and thinking about in terms of their recycling and reuse, travel, power and water consumption, waste awareness and disposal policies etc (read more).

So when you see frond next to a listing in the “local info guide“, this is what it indicates:

No sign of any fronds next to a business name may simply mean that the person or business has not claimed a frond rating yet.

More on sustainability

Browse through my interviews and articles on the how to survive life in the Tropics blog. There are heaps of tips and insights there, that really helped me develop and write my own eco-pledge.

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Eco Pledge

If you want to create an eco-pledge for your business, check out my eco-pledge. It’s not radical, it’s not ‘tree-huggie’ – it simply states how I intend to walk through the world.

There are also some great articles in the ‘how to survive life in the tropics” section of the website about the ways in which business owners, tourism operators, market and sole traders embrace sustainability approaches in their businesses. Enjoy having a read.