Time to try float therapy!

Feb 19, 2019

Looks so blissful! The Saltwater Float Spa at Bees Creek, NT

We all know that floating in water can feel fun, relaxing and comforting. Not so much when thoughts of stingers and crocs are in the back of your mind or a child’s small plastic bath toy nestling in the small of your back. So how best to clear your head, reach a meditative state, completely relax and perhaps even to heal? One answer is to book some time and space in a floatation tank.

What are the benefits of float therapy?

A session in floatation tank is perfect for anyone who wants to float to:

  • relieve stress
  • recover from injuries
  • fight addiction
  • eliminate chronic pain
  • or who simply craves some quiet ‘me time’.

A floating spa session may end up increasing your dopamine and endorphin levels boosting your mood and will almost certainly leave you with a pleasant afterglow. After about 30 minutes of floating you may reach a meditative, peaceful state somewhere between waking and sleeping and in saltwater heated to 35 degrees, you may just lose track of where your body ends, and the water begins. Bliss.

Floatation therapy in the NT

Floatation tanks are not widely available in the Territory, but thanks to Phil and Karen Lewis in Bees Creek, it will be possible to try a floatation tank experience in just a few weeks. Having faced numerous challenges in bringing a floatation tank to Bees Creek and building the spa, hard work, sweat and tears has paid off. Saltwater Float Spa is set in a beautiful rustic and rural setting and has been built from recycled materials – not the tank itself, of course. All products used at the spa are certified organic including the aptly named eco-toilet paper, “Who gives a crap” (a super soft, 100% recycled paper which helps builds toilets in the developing world). The spa is set to open in March and bookings can be made via the Facebook Page, floatspadarwin.

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