The real deal is at markets

Sep 18, 2018

Getting up close to stallholders is the best way to find out more!

As consumers, we purchase a huge number of products every day, but are also faced with digesting an overwhelming amount of information about them. Marketeers are highly skilled at spin doctoring, making sure headline messages are eye-catching, convincing and inspiring enough for consumers to go out and spend their money with their business.

The best way of communicating – conversation!

At Malak Marketplace, you’ll see signage that encourages you to use the best communication method – conversation! There are no spin doctors on hand, just real straight-talking people at markets.  You’ll bump into more than a few passionate souls, because their businesses are on the line and they’re the frontline. And what’s very special about Malak Marketplace and many other local markets is the investment and commitment not just to business, but to community.

Frond ratings indicate approaches to sustainability

The Clean Living in the Tropics frond rating is used by many stallholders to communicate what their approach to clean living and sustainability is. You’ll see these signs at Malak Marketplace along with signs with suggestions for the sort of questions you can ask of farmers at any farmers’ market you visit – in the Territory or beyond.

Questions to ask at the market

  • where and how is your produce grown?
  • is it organic?
  • is it certified organic?
  • what you do mean by spray-free or pesticide free?
  • how do you protect your crops?
  • what do you feed your livestock?
  • If you’re a foodie, you may even get away with asking stallholders how they cook up such delicious dishes – we can’t guarantee that anyone will spill the beans on their secret recipes but there’s no harm in asking!

Market tours

Malak Marketplace is on until the end of October, Saturdays 4-9pm. Booking onto market tours run by Clean Living in the Tropics and Healthy Darwin provides an easy, relaxed and comfortable route into talking to stallholders (with free tastings included!).


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