Re-set yourself with breathwork

Jan 22, 2019

Nadine from Nature’s Flow offers a breath of fresh air!

Is your year starting to feel busy already? If you are already losing sight of your resolution to ‘chill out’ a bit more, you may be interested in trying something new that may help you ‘re-set’.

What is breathwork?

Breathwork – also referred to as conscious connected breathing – is a therapy that uses breathing exercises to improve mental, physical and spiritual health.  According to the Australian Breathwork Association, it can provide a “meaningful, non-verbal path to self-knowledge, inner wisdom and health.”

Breathwork therapy is becoming better known and appears to be moving away from an underground, New Age and slightly controversial reputation. As with many therapies, however, it’s important to note that there are many different types of breathwork being practised and what you experience will of course depend on the individual practitioner.

Breathwork in Darwin

In Darwin, Nadine Warbrick from Nature’s Flow practises breathwork from the Darwin Yoga Space. She’s been interested in yoga since 2007 and has been learning about breathing techniques through many different classes and workshops in New Zealand, Mexico, the USA, and Australia ever since.

She encourages individuals, couples and groups to experience unique breathwork sessions which help people learn how to ‘breathe’ properly, relax and meditate, connect and heal together. Breathwork sessions can be tailored for sports teams or groups of work colleagues wanting to improve the way they work together. (Breathwork sessions may be wise investments for a happy and harmonious year ahead). Nature’s Flow also offer ‘bloke friendly’ sessions to help men in particular “lighten the load.”

Breath Circle for Australia Day

Find out more about breathwork at one of Nature’s Flow Breath Circle events. The next Breath Circle on 26 January provides an alternative way to mark Australia Day too, as it also embraces the ancestors of this country, the traditional and native title owners of the lands, waters and song lines. Go prepared to learn with an open mind.

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