How to stay fit and active in the wet

Dec 4, 2018

Jacob Andreae of JAND Outdoor Boutique Fitness Studio working out with his early class members, Gudrun Groh and Leigh Pleiter

If you are struggling with the heat and humidity and finding it hard to breathe outside let alone exercise, here are some tips to keep you motivated and still in sync with our tropical habitat.

Four top tips to exercising in the ‘sweat’ season

  • Try getting up an hour earlier to beat the heat
  • Make sure you are hydrated during the entire day
  • Eat as clean as possible aiming for nine serves of vegetables a day
  • Find a ‘tribe’ to exercise with. This can help make exercise fun and give you the motivation and support you need, when it’s hard to rely on your own willpower.

Make exercise a habit

According to Personal Trainer Jacob Andreae, it’s all about making exercise a habit, even during the wet. He suggests that to kickstart a habit, you need to challenge yourself and that the best way to start is by setting a goal designed specifically for you. “One of the biggest reasons I see people fail to achieve their goal, is they have no goal!” says Jacob, “Starting off with a 5-day challenge to make exercise a habit is a great way to start and sets a really solid foundation that participants can build on.” 

Get started!

“The great thing about a 5-day challenge is that its manageable and you can see great results in a very short time. Quick results lead to quick motivation, which leads to quick momentum.”

 Waking on Monday and wanting to feel different by Friday? A short challenge could be for you and if you really can’t manage the heat and humidity outside, go online. With Jacob’s Online Community for example, you can participate in the workout from the comfort of your air-conditioned living room floor. Sounds like there are no real obstacles in the way of starting to get fitter in time for the Christmas festivities.


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