How to earn some creative dollars

Feb 26, 2019

If you want to introduce something new to your life, this is the perfect time to start planning a creative enterprise. The market season will be kicking off soon and with it are plenty of opportunities to turn a creative hobby or passion into a small business.

Benefits of a creative hobby

Dedicating your time to creating something unique and beautiful, can help you improve your mood and give you a new sense of purpose, but it could potentially become a second source of income (or even your main source of income).

When you embrace your inner creative, you should also experience some stress relief as you allow yourself to just let go and have some fun. You can increase and renew brain function in a very natural way. Along with a healthy lifestyle, becoming more creative can have mental and emotional benefits that play a huge role in achieving long-term wellness.

Turning clay into cash

Darwin-based artist, Peta Goodrem turned her hobby and obsession with plant earrings into a new business, Piiij creations and completely turned her working life around. “I’m obsessed with making bright tropical plant earrings,” says Peta, “I dropped back to part-time work, so that I could work on having better life balance and have more time to pursue creative outlets.”

Peta now makes polymer clay earrings to order and taking her inspiration from the plants and flowers of the tropics. She will be joining other small business owners at markets throughout the Dry season, so you’ll be able to buy her creations or commission something unique.

How to become a market stallholder

If you want to find out more about becoming a market stallholder and turn your hobby (be it food, drink, arts or plants) into a regular earner, visit the Malak Marketplace website. Not only are they recruiting stallholders for the new season, but they offer great online advice online about what you need to put a stall together.

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