Great vintage buying for Valentine’s Day

Feb 12, 2019

Have a Cinderella moment at Bowerbird Recyle in Darwin!

If you are looking for an earth-friendly gift idea for your partner this Valentine’s Day, forget about buying new – think about vintage fashions! Think about re-purposing, upscaling and preloved instead. There are numerous treasures to discover in:

  • opportunity shops
  • at market stalls
  • in pawn shops
  • and pre-loved boutiques.

From smartphones to diamond rings, from bikes to power tools, from musical instruments to tents. Almost anything goes.

Raise your spirits and your bank balance!

Preloved fashion clothing is bang on trend, especially vintage boutique pieces. You can donate or sell pre-loved items in good condition giving them a new lease of life and you’ll be better off in pocket and in spirit.

Alternatively, you can buy preloved pieces to gift or own. Many people love to wear an original quirky piece, which makes a unique style statement with more character, fun and freedom than usual standard outfits offer. Vintage pieces tell a story, make a statement and often are made in quality fabrics that simply don’t exist anymore. These unique treasures are perfect gifts for your Valentine and certainly demonstrate a commitment to hunting for the right piece and recycling!

Vintage boutique shopping in Darwin

Michelle Snowden from Bowerbird Recycle in Darwin is passionate about labels, one-off samples and preloved fashion. Bringing her expertise from Melbourne, her CBD shop feels like stepping into a different dimension and is an example of how quality preloved items can be valuable and exciting. “My focus is on sourcing and providing labels different to those currently here,” says Michelle, “This also gives remote people another opportunity to shop when they visit Darwin.”

Darwin has experienced a lot of changes in the past few months, particularly in the CBD. It’s refreshing to see new, trendy and diverse concepts being realised that come with a strong message to value what we have, to value the past and to dispose of clothing and items mindfully.  

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