Get your noodle on!

Mar 19, 2019

Freshly cooked pasta dishes by The Taste of Italy were a bit hit with Darwin locals at Malak Marketplace

Pasta – beloved by most of us – sometimes gets a bad rap in the clean living, health eating stakes as some pasta made from enriched wheat-flour has been stripped of its nutritious bran and germ and had vitamins and minerals added back to it. Wholemeal pasta, however, according to Eating Well experts is ‘rich in good-for-practically-everything fibre.’ Their top tip when you’re buying pasta and not making your own is to look for wholemeal flour as the first ingredient.

Making your own pasta in the tropics

If you are keen to make your own pasta, Italian grandmothers make it look easy and fun to do, take a look at “Pasta Grannies” on YouTube for noodle inspiration. However, from experience making your own pasta in the tropics can be  challenging (similar to trying to icing a cake). It may only really work in a cool room; either wait for the Dry (and it is just around the corner) or indulge in some pasta and noodle-making in comfort and sticky-free air conditioning.

What you will need:

  • To make your own pasta, you will need your own pasta machine (starting from approx. $60)
  • flour (plain and or wholemeal, or a mixture)
  • salt
  • eggs
  • and elbow grease as kneading is a very important part of the process.

Once you’ve nailed the basic pasta, you can get creative with beetroot pasta, fresh chilli and coriander pasta, fresh herbed pasta or fresh pesto pasta.

A great pasta alternative – zoodles!

If you love noodles, but not the idea of pasta, an option to try is zoodles, noodles made from very thinly spiralised zucchini. They contain no flour or wheat, are very low in calories and carbs, and high in nutrients. They are available in the supermarket, but they are super easy to make fresh at home and take just a few minutes.

You will need a spiralizer (from $10 to buy) and there is usually a bit of zucchini left over after zoodling, so have a dish in mind that uses up the leftovers (quiche, curry or stir-fry perhaps).

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