For Mother with love

May 7, 2019

Beautiful coasters by Gallimaufry Designs made from recycled materials

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, and time to celebrate and acknowledge all your Mum does. Mothers have been celebrated in cultures for centuries, but Mother’s Day – intended for each family to honour its own mother, not all the mothers in the world – was founded by Anna Jarvis in 1908. She would probably have been horrified at the estimated $733 million spent by Australians last year in celebration of Mother’s Day according to comparison site, She believed people should honour their mothers through handwritten letters expressing love and gratitude, instead of buying gifts and pre-made cards.

10 low-cost favourites for Mum

You’ll find what works best for you and your Mum but expressing sentiment really does not have to cost a fortune. Here are ten low-cost favourites:

  1. handwritten letter or home-made card
  2. framed child’s artwork or a photograph of the family
  3. breakfast in bed
  4. walk along the beach (possibly with a picnic or barbecue) 
  5. foot spa with coconut and essential oils
  6. promise notes for Mum to use: clean the car, cook the dinner, 10 minutes massage, clean the bathroom etc.
  7. home-made cookies, biscuits or cupcakes
  8. movie night featuring Mum’s favourite movie and air-popped popcorn
  9. family games night with home-made pizza
  10. bouquet of flowers and ferns from the garden (tip, use fronds to tie the bunch together).

Creative gifts!

We love it when hand-crafted gifts can be created from other people’s rubbish, but sometimes it’s hard to create something when you don’t have a creative bone in your body! That’s when you scout around the local markets to find the sort of beautiful crafts made by Gallimaufry Designs. They’re using recycled cardboard, plastics and coffee cups to make beautiful jewellery, coasters, bowls and much more. Find them at Malak Marketplace on Saturday from 4-9pm. If nothing else, you’ll get some ideas for what you can try to make next year!

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