Tips for creating a simple tropical wardrobe

Jun 5, 2018

Fabric and style that you fall in love with and treat as treasure!

The concept of the capsule wardrobe was fashion’s new buzz a few years ago. The notion of a capsule wardrobe is credited to a Texan designer who had enough of fast fashion and wanton consumerism and whittled her entire wardrobe down to 37 pieces. The idea being that she owned only items that were necessary, that co-ordinated, that were top quality pieces, that would last and that she really loved to wear.

Think outfits fit for tropical living

37 pieces is not a lot of clothing, especially in a tropical climate. Although most of us can happily get through one of our beautiful Dry season days wearing just one outfit, the same probably won’t be true come September. So let’s relax notion of a capsule wardrobe and account for tropical living too, whilst remaining mindful about what we are buying and why we are buying it.

Try a shopping detox!

Shopping can be a very emotional activity. Buying a new outfit can literally be a fashion ‘comfort’ blanket. But try enforcing a shopping fast or detox on yourself for a few weeks, and you may be amazed at how much money you save and how slowly your wardrobe grows.

5 ways to get started 

  1. Begin with a simple clear-out.
  2. Take your time before buying something new for your wardrobe.
  3. Don’t worry about being perfect.
  4. Buy classic styles that are comfortable, cool, climate friendly and crucially clothes you really love to wear!
  5. And be honest about what you need for your everyday life – and what size clothing you wear – not all of us get to walk the red carpet or razzle dazzle the crowds!

Look for quality, look for local and look for pieces made with love!

We love the quality, unique clothing created locally by fashion designer Jackie O’Toole of Studio27Kreations. We would happily take a cue from Kate Middleton, and wear outfits that we love like these over and over. When it’s beautiful, well-cut, non-synthetic, cool and hits all the happy places, why not! Malak Marketplace, 5 Chambers Crescent, Malak Saturdays 4-9pm (Dry Season only).

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