Bush tucker with Michelin appeal

Oct 2, 2018

Bush tucker menu by Eggy inspired by the cuisine and lifestyle of indigenous communities in the Top End

Aboriginal Australians have eaten bush tucker (bush food) – native animals and plants for over 60,000 years. Their skills in knowing what to cook and how to cook it have been passed from generation to generation.

Bush tucker in the NT

Bush tucker that may be familiar includes:

  • quandong, muntries, riberry, lemon myrtle, mountain peper, warrigal greens, bunya nut and macadamia nut.

Many foods are traditional baked in hot camp fire coals wrapped in paperbark. Bush “bread” was made from seeds, nuts and corns.

Bush tucker has gourmet appeal

Generally speaking, the introduction of non-native foods meant traditional bush tucker becoming less known about and consumed. Loss of traditional lands and destruction of native habitat has resulted in reduced access to native foods too. When non-indigenous Australians recognise the nutritional and gourmet appeal of bush tucker, they often are introducing many people to it for the first time.

Eggy and his bush tucker menu

A chef of almost 25 years, Stephen Mulholland, known as Eggy, has worked in some of the most prestigious kitchens in Europe and Australia. After years spent travelling, Eggy ended up in Darwin and more recently  at Malak Marketplace. His food van offers a bush tucker menu. Having grown up in a small community with a large number of indigenous people, Eggy was – unlike many of us – already familiar with bush tucker and indigenous life.

“I enjoy working with locally sourced products and there are a number of these on my current menu at Malak Marketplace; including buffalo, barramundi, wild rosella, green ants and chillies,” says Eggy. “ The kangaroo comes from Queensland and all of these products are organic. Through my new friends at Malak Marketplace, I will endeavour to purchase as much organic produce as possible that will suit my menu.”

Where to eat bush tucker in Darwin

Look out for Eggy’s healthy, freshly cooked food – made with plenty of love, skill and passion – sold in eco-friendly packaging at Malak Marketplace, Saturdays 4-9pm (on until the end of October).

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