Beating the build up of heat and humidity

Nov 6, 2018

Not just for the children, icy poles can make a refreshing break in the heat of the day

The build up season is well and truly here and we are not talking the build up to Christmas. It’s hot, it’s humid and for some of us, climatically speaking it’s the least pleasant time of year. There’s a silver lining – a slightly fishy one – as the barra are responding to the call of nature and getting moving for the spawning season.

Thankfully, unlike the barra, we can choose when and where to move too. If a day out fishing is not your preferred way to beat the build up season, we have a few other ideas to try.

Tips for keeping cooling indoors

  1. If you are indoors, focus on keeping one room cool.
  2. Close the windows and doors and use indoor fans, a portable air conditioning unit or dehumidifier in this one space.
  3. Try to avoid using your oven or stove
  4. Keep cool with your food choices.
  5. Cook outside on the barbie if you have one, eat non-cook meals like salads
  6. Keep plenty of ice and icy poles handy (blended mango, lime, water and frozen strawberries make a refreshing and very seasonable lick).
  7. Take cool showers – they may only offer a temporary reprieve from the humidity, but they feel worth it. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Avoid chores during the day and wait until the evening.

Keeping cool outdoors

  1. For a blast of free air conditioning, visit your local shopping centre, cinema, library or museum – there is plenty to look at which takes the mind away from the heat.
  2. Dip into a swimming pool, blow up a small paddling pool and turn the garden sprinklers on (neither of these options are just for the kids).
    Choose light rather than strenuous exercise outdoors, wear loose light clothing (cotton or linen if you have it)
  3. And of course, drink plenty of water. Build up woes….beaten.

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