A few of our favourite things!

Dec 18, 2018

Wooden jewellery is perfect for the tropics and very much on trend

There are just seven days to go until Christmas Day, but if you haven’t done all of your gift shopping yet, don’t panic.

We have a few ideas to keep you out of the mall mayhem and all of them are 100% suited to the tropics: they don’t melt, they aren’t made of plastic and they show you’ve spent time rather than just money on your loved ones!

  1. Mango must-haves

    We may be right at the end of the mango season but there are still lots available and at affordable prices too. Dried mango makes delicious, long-lasting nutritious snacks and looks pretty in gift jars or bags. (If you don’t have a dehydrator, use a low oven to dry the mango).

  2. Peppermint scrub

    Alternatively, how about a home-made beauty treatment in a jar tied with a red Christmas ribbon? This refreshing skin scrubs uses just three ingredients: sugar, coconut oil and peppermint essential oil. Simply mix all three together.

  3. Natural inspiration

    If you need to keep the kids busy, head down to the beach to collect shells and driftwood. With a twist of twine and wire, you can create wooden wind spinners, table décor, Christmas tree decorations or even a complete tree. Very tropical, unique and perfect gifts for nature-loving friends and family. You may even find some elements to create or add to wooden jewellery. It’s very much on trend.

  4. Christmas crackers

    A simple necklace or ring also makes a perfect cracker gift instead of mass-produced plastic toys and hats. DIY crackers are easy enough to make – simply use a cardboard toilet roll, put inside a newspaper hat, cracker snap and small gift, wrap in paper and tie the ends with string.

Just a few of our favourite things, wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string. Making your own gifts can be fun, less stressful than shopping centres and with a little recycling, our choices can be a great gift to our planet too.

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