12 Easy tips on how to party with zero waste!

Nov 19, 2018

Shared platters help to avoid food waste – thanks to Chris’s Coffee for the inspiration!

Living a waste-free existence doesn’t mean living like a monk and skimping on parties and celebrations. With the end of the year looming, there are plenty of reasons to get festive. And with a little pre-planning, these occasions can be zero or low waste with easy and inexpensive solutions.

Before the event

  1. Send invitations by text or email rather sending paper ones

2. Ask people not to bring cards or presents.

Cash, online gift cards or charity donations make great waste-free presents. Giving children a small note instead of a small plastic toy gives them an opportunity to a buy something that is better quality, longer-lasting and something of genuine value to them.

3. Eat the contents of your freezer! If there are party leftovers, you’ll have plenty of space to store them.

4. Make a shopping list and stick to it.

5. Remember what you’ve bought and don’t over shop.

6. Borrow rather than buy serving dishes and cloth napkins (or make your own from fabric scraps).

7. Make decorations that are minimal and made from recycled items.

Glass jars decorated with flowers and foliage make stylish, low-waste and low-cost decorations for the table and cakes. (Do not use glue and glitter and keep decorations compostable and recyclable!).Paper or fabric bunting and garlands look fantastic and can be reused.

8. Make up signs so guests know where you collect composting and recyclable items.

9. Offer shared plates with two servings of each variety of finger food – it’s a good (and catering industry) standard to go by.

10. Provide plenty of water and re-useable cups and glasses available (and encourage guests to bring refillable bottles).

11. Don’t provide straws, unless they’re made from pasta.

12. Encourage your guests to take leftover food home or compose leftovers or offer them to hungry chickens!

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