10 easy ways to reduce plastic waste

May 1, 2018

Our beautiful Dry Season means an abundance of markets, events and festivals, so it’s a good time to talk about reducing plastic waste in the Territory. Our streets, bush walks, parks and beaches may still have plastic in common, as it is the most frequently littered substance in the world. This year’s Earth Day addressed the need to tackle plastic littering across the world.

The waste free big 5

Start by creating a new BYO habit. Make the Waste Free Big Five as essential as your house keys. Don’t leave home without your:

  1. Reusable keep cup
  2. Stainless steel water bottle
  3. Veggie shopping bag
  4. Container
  5. A set of reusable spoon, fork and knife.

Top 10 tips from Waste Free NT

We touched base with Chantelle Scott from Waste Free NT for more tips on reducing plastic littering. Waste Free NT has been working with markets recently and increasingly sees stallholders welcoming in environmentally friendly changes.

Here are Chantelle’s top tips to be market ready:

  1. Take your keepcup with you – don’t leave it anywhere, keep it close!
  2. Use a reusable straw – bamboo, paper or stainless steel one (just not plastic).
  3. Never forget your reusable water bottle – consider it your fifth limb.
  4. Pack your own fork, knife and spoon from the kitchen drawer (there are some great cutlery wraps you can pick up locally to store these in).
  5. Pack your own container. If you have a favourite stallholder, ask what size container is best.
  6. Bring your own produce bags – many store-bought ones are made from recycled plastic, but you can also make your own.
  7. Buy an old-school stainless-steel milkshake cup or use old jars that have a wide top, like passata – perfect for juices and smoothies.
  8. Don’t forget a market bag to store your kit in and an extra bag for any purchases.
  9. Take a tea towel to wrap-up used market-ware (extra tip: master the diagonal envelope wrap).
  10. Store all these essentials in the boot of your car, so it’s always on hand.

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