Meet the Team

Clean Living in the Tropics’ Lina Paselli (left) and Stephanie Kendall (right)

Clean Living in the Tropics was established in February 2017 by Lina Paselli and Stephanie Kendall.

At the heart of the business is a shared passion. A passion about connecting and creating communities of people who share similar interests and beliefs around health and clean living. In doing so, Clean Living in the Tropics is proud to promote the rich cultural life, diversity, talents and natural beauty of the Northern Territory and its people.

Our Vision Statement

To discover, love and share a clean living lifestyle within the NT and tropics of Australia

We believe that clean living is the cornerstone of a healthy and happy life. Clean living is about being mindful of everyday choices: what we put in our bodies, what we put on our bodies, what food we provide for our families, what environment we work, live and play in and what impact we make on the wider environment.

Lina Paselli

Lina is the co-founder and General Manager (volunteer position) of award-winning Malak Marketplace, Darwin’s premier organic, sustainable farmers’ market and eco-tourist destination. This market heavily promotes and champions clean living management and operational practises and uses Clean Living’s Frond Rating system to facilitate conversations about clean living and sustainability between consumers and producers.

Lina is General Manager of Council on the Ageing, a not-for-profit advocacy organisation for seniors based in Darwin; a board member of Darwin Community Arts (DCA) and small business owner (Paleo in the Tropics).

Stephanie Kendall

Stephanie has over 20 years experience working in PR, publishing and marketing in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. She has worked as a freelance editor and technical writer since 2008. Stephanie worked as the Events and Communications Manager of Council on the Ageing, a not-for-profit advocacy organisation for seniors based in Darwin for four years (2014 – 2018) focusing on brand and event marketing, event and program creation, budgeting and delivery, grant and sponsorship acquisition and volunteer management. She is responsible for the inception of award-winning community event, Seniors Expo (established in 2014).

Stephanie continues to support the organisation’s work with responsibility for the website’s creative, development and editorial (, and for marketing and media channels (websites, social media, press releases, posts etc.).